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DYNAMIC POWER AND MARIN E INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE, INC. (DYNAMIC POWER) started as the trading arm and support of DYNAMIC CASTINGS (DYNACAST), manufacturers of quality non - ferrous metal castings since 1968.

With 50% of DYNACAST production serving the requirements of the fishing and shipping industry, DYNAMIC POWER, then DYNAMIC MARINE, imported ADVANCE CHINA MARINE GEARBOX in the late 1990’s as the first of the marine propulsion equipment to support the thrust of DYNAMIC MARINE as a ONE STOP SHOP. With the propeller sizing, calculation, correct propulsion matching and design advantage, clients were spared the problems of power and propulsion mismatch and thereby, optimizing vessel perfomance as well as achieving fuel economy and increased speed.

Boosted by the additional confidence and trust given by our valued clients, and through their very own suggestions, the following were immediately added to our ONE STOP SHOP:


DYNAMIC MARINE, with a home of its own, in the North Reclamation Area in Cebu was incorporated in 2004. DYNAMIC MARINE aggressively introduced the shift from surplus engines to brand new marine engines to give fishing and shipping operators a much better alternative: competitively priced fuel efficient and cost effective brand new marine engines.

Through joint efforts with our principal SHANDONG WEICHAI IMP/EX CO, DYNAMIC MARINE offers reliable and accurate after sales service with factory trained technicians, and a dependable multi million peso spare parts inventory. It was a welcome relief to the fishing and shipping owners who were not only besieged with the fuel crisis but also the perennial hassles of surplus engines unreliability, unavailability of spareparts and higher cost of maintenance.

After establishing a sole distributorship agreement with our principals in China and constructing three (3) authorized service centers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to service over a thousand DEUTZ AND WEICHAI marine engines and its network of sales agents and dealers nationwide, the now & MARINE INDUSTRIAL HARDWARE, INC. included MARINE AND LAND GENSETS in its product line to further strengthen our company’s vision and mission as not only the ONE STOP SHOP for marine propulsion requirements but the & complete propulsion solutions provider for our clients, both new and old, here and abroad for over four decades now.