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DYNACAST / DYNAMIC CASTINGS, makers of quality non-ferrous metal castings started commercial operation on February 1968. Since then, our company has been serving bronze replacement part requirements of major industries in the Philippines, specifically shipping, fishing, mining, cement, food and beverage processing and power generating industries. Exports to North America, Middle East, Australia and Asia.

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Top of the line are high strength, high efficiency fixed-pitch marine propellers up to 2.3 meters in diameter. These propellers are Manganese Bronze SAE 430-A (American Bureau of Shipping Type 2/AB2) and Nickel Aluminum Bronze Albc3 (ABS types 4), material that have passed the strict standards of leading international classification societies: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS, USA), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NKK, Japan), Bureau Veritas (BV, France), Llyod's Registry of Shipping (LRS, UK), German Lloyds, and Philippines Registry of Shipping.

Moreover, we not only calculate/design new propellers or cast variable pitch propeller (CPP) blades, we also offer immediate, reliable, accurate reconditioning and modification of your existing/old propellers up to 2.8 meters in diameter to meet your present needs and significantly save on cost.
Also manufactured are propeller shaft sleeves, pump casting and impellers as well as SAE 62, SAE 63, SAE 64, SAE 65 bushing material that have likewise passed the aforementioned classification societies. We also manufacture Sacrificial Aluminum and Zinc Anodes, which are guaranteed to conform to U.S. MIL A-18001E.

DYNACAST manufactures smooth, quiet, vibration-free propellers to the highest standards and quality control ensuring optimum performance and economy. DYNACAST propellers are covered with manufacturer's certificate, which includes chemical composition, and physical properties guarantee, propellers design/drawing static/dynamically balanced and dye penetrant test results that are required by leading international classification societies.