Baudouin Marine Engine

Reliable, powerful and economical solutions. The powering solutions offered by Moteurs Baudouin have been designed to satisfy all professional navigation requirements.

Covering a range from 75 to 1215 kW, the Moteurs Baudouin products are distinguished by their high level of reliability, low maintenance and economical operational costs.

In addition to propulsion systems, we manufacture marine generator sets suitable to all applications.We also supply marine gearboxes and all other propulsion chain components.

Our products comply with the latest environmental standards.

Our marine solutions Marine diesel engines from 4.5 to 31.8 litres displacement Associated reduction gearboxes Shafts and propellers (FPP- CPP) Marine diesel generators from 60 to 965 kVA

Our whole on board power range is built from the origin on particular marine specifications with a special attention to:

  • Operational costs reduction through product lifecycle Simple logistic management with high components standardization level Easy access and user’s friendly maintenance Optional equipment suitable to
    each installation particular needs
  • Green power expertise Our range of marine diesel engines rely on well recognised expertise and proofed components for optimal reliability.
  • Our products comply with the latest marine and inland shipping environmental standards. Their simple design are maintenance friendly with optimised service costs advantage.
Engine HP kW RPM
4W105M 130 95 2100
6W105M 185-252 136-185 2100-2500
6M16 360 264 2100
6W126M 400-450 294-331 1800-2100
6M26.2 450-600 331-442 1800-1950
8M26.2 600-800 442-588 1800-1950
6M33.2 600-750 478-551 1800
12M26.3 1200-1650 883-1214 1800-2300
12M33.2 1300-1500 956-1103 1800