Oily Water Seperator



Design pressure 0.2 MPa
Working ressure 0.16 MPa
Oil Discharge Mode Automatic or Manual
Electrical System AC440V/60 HZ
Governor Method Mechanical



• Fitted with 15ppm bilge alarm device ( oil content monitor); BILG MoN 488, tested and approved in accordance with IMO Regulation MEPC 107(49)
• An Automatic bypass is fitted to the separation system to extend the lifespan of the demulsifier, When the water quality falls below 15ppm, the emulsifier is bypassed until the 15ppm alarm is activated. This control ensures a prolonged lifespan of the absorber elements.
• A 3-way valve is installed downstream of OWS in the overboard line for recirculating the water to the bilge ( automatic stopping device).
• Capacity from 0.2m /h to 10.0m /h available, suitable for all kinds of vessels.
• DNV class type approved.

• Complete – Ready to operate
• Easy to install
• Simple Reliable Design & Operation
• Low Operating Cost
• High Quality Industrial Components

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