Bow and Tunnel Thruster



Global Marine Engineering BV, based in Heijningen-Holland, is a very experienced technical company with a history of over 30 years and active in manufacturing drive systems, clutches and gearboxes for industrial and marine applications. Since 1990 they developed bow thrusters for pleasure craft and commercial craft markets. Theexisting performance range is from 20kW – 1300kW with fixed Kaplan type propellers running in steel, aluminium or FRP tunnel structures for both bow and sternthrusters. The units are built according the requirements of all major marine societies such as ABS, BV, DNV, GL and LRS and available with Class certificate.

GME Thrusters can be diesel engine driven, hydraulic motor driven or E-motor driven. The E-motor driven are then completed with sophisticated frequency converters and proportional joystick panels. The GME transverse tunnel thruster is the tool to improve the manoeuvrability of ships of all sizes. By generating a direct lateral thrustthe ship remains always controllable , especially at low speeds.

QUALITY: The GME Thruster is built from Modular Cast Iron housing and equipped with oversized shafts, bearings and gear-sets. From 20 kW the gear tooth profile is cut according Klingelnberg Cyclo-palloid method and hardened. Finishing of gears is with HPG cutting according to DIN 3965 Class 6/ AGMA Class 10-12, assuring very smooth running and high efficiency. The versatile GME thruster accepts either horizontal or vertical drive applications,
which optimises prime mover location and ensures economical, space saving installation. GME thrusters are directly coupled to the drive of the prime mover, with power transmitted via a single pair of bevel gears to thepropeller. Thrust direction is reversed through an intermediate reverse gear on diesel applications, or by reversing electric or hydraulic motor direction.